1. Literary: a distinctive feature or characteristic, especially of the face. "I recognized those haggard lineaments".
2. Geology: a linear feature on the earth's surface, such as a fault.

I have been archiving my Black & White Street Photography for over a year now, working through rolls of film, prints and digital work from 2002 to present and I have found it a very rewarding process. There is a definite repetition to the kind of scenes I am naturally drawn to that perhaps I didn't notice until I could see all of my images laid out in one neat little Instagram feed entitled, @Lineamentss.

The Night Gaurd

As a result, I found myself drawn back to street photography, which is where it all started for me really, way back in 2002 at Walsall College wasting film on a battered Praktica SLR. I have a love of b&w street photography, from my first introduction to the work of Henri Cartier-Bresson, Andre Kertesz, and William Klein while studying a night course in 'Practical Photography' at college, every Tuesday evening after my Fashion Design classes had finished. I am still very much in love with those romantic streetscapes of famous cities and their respective inhabitants, there's a familiarity to the scenes you are viewing, like a still from your favourite movie. This is the idea that motivates me, not only to document but to capture scenes that have a subtle familiarity, romantic tales of everyday scenes. 

London Bridge

I take these photographs as part of my everyday life, walking my dog, travelling, meandering through town, on days out with my family, at home or on holiday it is a constant thought process that enables me to visualise and communicate the way I see the world in front of me or simply the way I'm feeling that day, it gives me focus and purpose and I find a calmness within that process.

I can't see this project every really ending, but I never saw it start either so I'll just keep going. I'll be adding to it as I go, I have some prints available and a recent exhibition that I'll be writing more about soon.

If you would like to see more of my Lineaments then you can join me on instagram: @Lineaments

Walsall Bus Station
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